Thursday, September 27, 2012

luvasianpuss: Step-daughter stops by her step-fathers office to see if she can get a ride home.

He tells her he’s working late and that he is the only one there left, all the other staff have gone for the day. It is then as she is about to say that she would go and catch a train, her step-father tells her something that makes her blush.

Her step-father tells her that the other night after she had gone to bed, when he was walking down the hallway he could hear these faint noises coming from my bedroom, as he got to my door, he noticed that it wasn’t fully shut.

He explained that he had walked up to the door and that he had peered in through the slight gap in the doorway and what he seen had made his cock go rock hard.

He said that he had seen me while I was on my bed and that I had had my hand over the top of my panties and he could see the depressed line showing through the crotch of my panties as I had rubbed my finger along the groove.

He told me that he had then wished that he had been able to touch and hold his cock in his hand but in fear of getting caught by my mother if she had gotten up to go to the toilet.

As I felt my face still flushing red from what he had told me, I then couldn’t believe what he then said next.

As I stood there @ the side of the desk, he said to me,”why don’t you show me now, just show me how you were rubbing your pussey the other night when I secretly watched you from the other side of your bedroom door”.

As soon as he said those words to me, something inside me changed, it wasn’t a feeling of fear but one of how I was feeling the other night as I imagined a big thick cock being slipped into my pussey hole as I rubbed myself to a lustful orgasm.

Tentatively, I hoppedup and sat back on the desktop abit and slowly while he watched my hands slowly move to the inside of my thighs as I parted my legs.

"Yes, that’s it, thats exactly how I remember you playing with yourself", my step-father said.

After a few minutes, he then said to me,”mmmmmmm that’s very nice but why don’t you remove those panties, I’m sure you will find it much more pleasurable to be able to touch your pussey without your panties getting in the way”.

Now I wasn’t too sure but I was already feeling horny from his fixed stare @ the movement of my fingers over my pussey mound, so I slowly slipped my thumbs under the elastic and ease them off my ass.

As I took them off, my partly shaved pussey finally was exposed to his gaze, he then watched me for a few more minutes as I touched along my pussey slit and pressed into my clit before he turned and removed something from one of the desks.

I gasped a little as I realized what it was he had in his hand, it was a vib, but as I was about to say something, he explained that it was one of the office girls desk draw and that he had found it by chance one day while looking for a report that she had been doing for him and he had gone to find it as she hadn’t got it back to him.

I felt myself getting suddenly even more wet as he approached with the vib in his hand and finally touched it up against my bare pussey lips……………


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